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Current Terms & Conditions

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Want to start right away? Click ASAP to receive the earliest available service start date (two business days). Alternatively, please select your desired start date on our calendar if you are not in a rush.

*All new applications are subject to a credit check

Promotion Information

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Charity Information

Did you know that Sponsor Energy donates 50% of all profits to the charity of your choice for EACH product you sign up? At ZERO extra cost to you!

Energization Information

If your power or gas is currently shut off (or on a limiter) at your service address then you will require an energization (re-connection).
Option 1) We can handle this for you, but we require a deposit of $350 for each service that requires energization. If the actual energization cost from the distribution company is less than $350 then you will receive a credit on your bill. If the actual cost is more you will receive an additional charge. We do not make any profit on energizations. We simply pass along the costs from the distribution company.
This process can take anywhere from 3-5 business days to complete before your services are energized.
Option 2) If you require services sooner than 5 business days, you need to contact the distributor in your area to energize your sites.
(If you are unsure of who your distributor is, you can always check https://ucahelps.alberta.ca/retailers.aspx and put in your address in the required field to look it up).
Once the distributor has completed your energization, please contact us and we can then process your application and enroll your services.

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